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1 Hour Rent My Brain Strategy Session

Need one-on-one help marketing and branding your business? I am here to help!

It can be very lonely as an entrepreneur. You may be feeling overwhelmed with having to make major decisions about your business or products. You may feel that you just need someone to bounce ideas off of who can give you step by step guidance on how to take your business to the next level. Maybe you just need some fresh new marketing ideas or social media strategies for your business, brand, books or products or some kick butt motivation to jump start you in the right direction.

Or maybe you’re ready to start setting up your MSI (multiple streams of income) so you can make money even on your off days.

In this 1 hour strategy session you can rent my brain! Yep that’s right, my brain is all yours for 1 hour.

I’ve been featured in and on NPR, Essence & Jezebel magazine and my work has been seen on Oxygen, NBC and Lifetime television. I have a BA in Business with a concentration in Marketing.

Your will have access to my 20 years of business experience and this call will be all about YOU and how I can help you meet your business goals. In this strategy session I’m all yours and (so is my brain) you can ask me anything regarding your business. I’ll help you think outside the box so that you can get more clients and customers and maximize your earning potential.

It’s like taking me to lunch and picking my brain. . . virtually! I look forward to helping you tap into your inner greatness so the world can experience what you have to offer.

Yes Brenda, I want to rent your brain!

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