Season 3 Ep005: Building, Marketing & Promoting your Bridal Beauty Business with Piper De Young

Building, marketing and promoting your bridal beauty business

Piper De Young is our viewer’s choice winner. She is a make-up artist who has a passion for technology & cosmetics (yes two complete opposites)

She is a social media natural and beauty lover with a sharp eye for trending design.

She enjoys helping solopreneur’s build their brand identity and showcase their work.

Piper has worked for brands such as MAC & Philosophy cosmetics.

In this episode Piper tells of her journey in to the world of make-up. She also give tips on becoming a bridal make-up artist and shares her secret to success.


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” ~Philippians 4:13


In this Episode we discuss:

- Networking to build your clientele
– Who to network with
– Projects that fill your creativity tank
– Social media tips
– Doing wedding make-up
– Booking Brides
– How to respond to email requests from brides
– The importance of having contacts
– Creating a media kit
– Graphic design
– Apps that helps your business run more smoothly
– How doing what you love can be rewarding
– How social media can help grown your brand
– Instagram your way to more clients



Links Mentioned in this Episode:

wave invoicing

Brittany Snow

Maria Menounos

Bellamy Young

Hair Artist TV


Instagram: @pipermichelle

Periscope: @piperdeyoung



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