Season 3 Ep004: Overcoming Feeling of Loneliness as an Artist and Entrepreneur with Philip Ring

Overcoming Feelings of Lonliness as an Artist and Entrepreneur

Philip Ring, Creative Director for Salon Embellish in Phoenix, Arizona is a passionate stylist, photographer and YouTuber whose success is derived from seeking out only the top education in the industry.

In his short career as a hairstylist, Philip has been a salon owner, hosted multiple red carpet industry events, and a social media sensation with a fast growing (1000+ new followers per week) instagram following.

His Pixel Project Collective has truly begun to sweep the internet, with features in prestigious magazines such a Hair’s How, Latest Hair Styles and New Hair Trends.

He continues to allure followers with new color choices and patterns as well as creating a high demand from salons all over the country for on-site education.

If Philip isn’t in the salon or traveling to educate, you will definitely find him at the Sassoon Academy, honing his skills in both precision cutting and coloring.

In this episode Phil tells about the challenges he faces as a hair stylist and how those times spark ingenious ideas.  He gives his top tips for building an Instagram following and attracting new clients. He also shares how artists often feel lonely and how to overcome that sense of loneliness.


“Take care of the people that take care of you”


In this Episode we discuss:

- Going to beauty school vs. assisting
– Do you need a mentor?
– Having a specialty
– Pixel project collective
– Directing a photo and video shoot
– Finding models for photoshoots
– Multiple streams of income
– Making money while you sleep
– Instagram tips
– Choosing which social media platforms to build for your business
– The loneliness of being an artist and entrepreneur
– Hair Goonies
– How social media can help grown your brand
– Instagraming your way to more clients
– Souloartist documentary
– The magic of hair design


Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Doug Macleod

SOULoArtist Documentary

Modern Salon

Hair Artist TV


Facebook: @phildoeshair

Instagram: @phildoeshair

Periscope: @phildoeshair



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