How to Network


Networking can be a scary thing for many of us. What should I say? Should I pass out business cards? Should I try to talk to everyone in the room?

In this video you’ll see me in action at one of my networking events. At the time I was promoting my appearance on Oxygen’s Hair Battle Spectacular at For Sister’s Only an annual entertainment and wellness event for women and business owner.

Top 3 tips for working the networking

Look your best

If you are promoting your beauty business it is important to look the part. Hair, make-up and wardrobe need to be representative of the business you are promoting.

Bring Business Cards

If you plan to meet new clients and build relationships it is essential to have your business cards on hand. You’re not going to pass out cards to every person you meet. You must be selective. After conversing with someone you feel you would like to work with ask if you could give them a business card. Often times I’ll wait until someone asks for my business card. The goal is to find clients that are a good fit for your business.


I am always surprised when I meet someone at a networking event and they look as if they don’t want to be there. Trying to have a conversation with a person who is not “present” is a total energy sucker. Don’t be that person. Smile, have a positive attitude and focus on your end goal which is building a successful business.

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