Season 2 Ep008: From College Drop Out to Successful Entrepreneur

From College Drop Out to Successful Entrepreneur

Lea Conner is a hair stylist turned entrepreneur.

From a young age she knew she wanted to have an impact on people and change their lives.

Upon entering her second year of college she realized that a career in nursing was not what she wanted. She made the hard decision to drop out of college and pursue her dreams of becoming a hair stylist.

Since then she has had the honor of traveling the country working under some of the top artists in the industry including world renowned hair artist, Martin Parsons

She’s a Goldwell Educator where she travels and teaches color and color theory to other driven stylist in the industry.

She recently opened her first salon Amare Hair Studio in Winter Garden, Fl.

In today’s episode she tells you exactly how she did it and how you can too.


“She believed she could so she did”


In this Episode we discuss:

- Why college may not be for everyone
- Discovering you true passion in life
- Living life on your own terms
- Being true to yourself
- Not caring what other people think of you
- Traveling as a assistant to a master stylist
- Becoming an educator for a major product line
- Opening your own salon
- Knowing when the door of opportunity is open
- Booth renting vs. Commission employees
- Booth renters contracts and leases
- The hiring and firing process
- Marketing your salon
- Getting through dark days
- How to know when you’re ready to start your own business
- What to expect when you start your own business


Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Mason Pearson Brush

Sedu Revolution Blow dryer

Martin Parsons

Amare Hair Studio

Facebook: Amare Studio

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