Hair Artist TV: Residual and Passive Income Streams for Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists and Barbers

In this episode of Hair Artist TV we discuss various ways you can make money as a beautypreneur.

As service providers we are constantly exchanging dollars for hours. What that means is there is only so many people you can see in one day. Which in turn limits your earning potential.

Who wants limits on their earning potential? Not me!

There are many things you can do to increase your earning potential. Once these things are in place they can start to generate passive and residual income for you.

When you have passive income streams you can put some of your income on autopilot.

Imagine working in the salon and only having 2 clients on your books for the day. You start to stress and worry about how to get more clients to book appointments so you can make more money.

Then you check your email and see that you’ve made 2 sales from your other income streams totaling $325! Would that change your day? Watch this episode to find out how you can start make residual income as a hair stylist, makeup artist, salon owner or barber.


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