HAA 009: Top Tools to Help You Network like a Pro and Build a Loyal Clientele with Diana Simaan Kessler


Fashion designer Diana Simaan Kessler is a master at setting goals and achieving them.

She also mastered the art of networking and built a loyal following in a short period of time.

She was born in London, England and moved to the US with her family in 1987. She has a passion for design in many forms, especially fashion, architecture and interior design.

She went from working 9-5 at a design firm to owning her own fashion company. Her designs have been featured in numerous local and national media outlets.

In 2009 she was Park Avenue Fashion Week Emerging Designer Winner. This annual competition recognizes up-and-coming talent and challenges designers to a series of tasks in order to determine one winner. In February 2013 Diana launched her line during New York Fashion Week.

In this episode she shares her secrets on how she achieved major success in her career as a designer. She gives practical tips on how you to can build and grow your clientele, following or fan base.

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”

In this Episode we discuss:

- The importance of building a reputation
- How to network like a pro
- What investors really look for when they invest in your company
- Marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, artists and creatives
- How to build a loyal clientele
- Why you shouldn’t pass out your business cards to everyone you meet
- How to transition from your 9-5 job to a career or business that you love
- Top tips for starting a successful business

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Diana Simaan

Diana Simaan’s Collection: 2013 New York Fashion Week

Twitter: @DianaSimaan

Instagram: DianaSimaan

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