Season 2 Ep015: The Power Prayer | An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Trusting your Faith and Believing in Yourself with Derick Monroe

The Power of Prayer with Celebrity Hair Stylist Derick Monroe

Celebrity hair stylist Derick Monroe has worn many hats from hair stylist, beauty supply owner, salon owner, educator, and freelance celebrity hairstylist.

He went from being on governmental assistance to celebrity stylist and it didn’t happen overnight. It was as a road filled with struggle, tenacity and perseverance.

His hands has coiffed the hair of celebrities such as Super Model Iman, Actress Tasha Smith, Kenya Moore and singer Erykah Badu

He has worked on shows such as Project Runway, The View, Wendy Williams , Fashion police, most recently with celebrity stylist June Ambrose’s anticipated TLC network show “Save My Style’!

His faith is what has contributed to his success. His mantra is simple he believes in the power of God and the power of prayer.

In this episode Derick shares his journey of how he transformed his life into a highly sought after celebrity hair stylist in editorial and TV. He shares what it really takes to make it in the entertainment industry. He also shares what you have to look forward to if you pray, keep the faith and never give up.


“Be not weary in well doing ” ~ Galatians 6:9

In this Episode we discuss:

- The importance of not giving up

- Not allowing your obstacles to discourage you

- The importance of setting boundaries

- Separating friendships vs. clientships

- Keep it professional

- Taking a leap of faith

- Affiliate programs

- Why you need a business coach

- The importance of praying before making a major decision

- Dealing with unexpected circumstances

- Do you need to relocate to break in to TV & film

- What to do if you decide to relocate

- The power of building relationships

- A day in the life of a celebrity hair stylist

- What it’s like to work with on global editorial photos shoots

- Having faith in God

- Believing in yourself

- How your personality can help you land a job faster than your skill

- The top 3 cities to live in if you want to work in TV & Film



Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Derick Monroe

Essence Magazine

Soft Sheen Carlson

Marcia Hampilton

Wendy Williams

Project Runway

Johnny Lavoy

Yancey Edwards

Tasha Smith

Save My Style


Instagram: @derickmonroe

Periscope: @derickmonroe

Facebook: @derickmonroe


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